Letters For My Brothers

Letters For My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect, 3rd Edition
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From the book’s foreword, by Max Wolf Valerio (author of The Testosterone Files, poet in Troubling the Line:  Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics):  This short, modest book is a gem hidden in plain sight. Not a tome on queer theory rewriting FTM experience through the megaphone of politics, nor an exotic othering of trans mens’ lives through a juxtaposition of other human photographs interred in postmodern jargon – this slim volume presents instead a series of simple and direct human voices. Instead of ironic, the text is unapologetically authentic. And, while these “letters” strive toward honesty, they are not sentimental. Letters For My Brothers is replete with the earned insight and vulnerable experience of a wide range of men who have lived the process and experience and identity of transition.

These men speak with conviction and often, with flashes of insight. As men who are longer transitioned, they have had time to pause and reflect. A diverse group agewise, racially, and classwise, these trans men also have varying sexual orientations and understandings of their sexuality. However, most importantly, beyond a rote roster of “diversity” Letters For My Brothers presents a collection of unique individuals offering specific, sometimes painfully won insights on transition.  Both to the many trans men coming up behind them, and to anyone who wants to learn from the extraordinary experiences they have lived.

Editor Bios:
Zander Keig, LMSW is an award winning speaker and writer conducting educational workshops in the public, private, and non-profit sectors since 1987. Always an avid learner, Zander holds three Master’s degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Theology and Religion, and Clinical Social Work. In service to the FTM community, he is also a Director of TransMentors International, volunteer coordinator for Trans Youth Family Allies, and a member of the Transgender Advisory Group for the California Department of Mental Health Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Reducing Disparities Project. Zander resides in Northern California with his lovely wife, Margaret.

Megan M. Rohrer, M.Div is a nationally recognized leader on issues of homelessness, gender, sexuality and faith. Executive Director of WELCOME - a communal response to poverty in San Francisco, CA – Pastor Rohrer is an activist, advocate and educator who speaks and preaches nationally.

Jamison Green | fAe Gibson | Cristopher Bautista | Chase Ryan Joynt | Malcolm Himschoot | Lou Sullivan | Reid Vanderburgh | Aaron H Devor | Aaron Raz Link | Patrick M Callahan | Elliott Anthony Brooker | Zander Keig | C.T. Whitley | Raven Kaldera | Tucker Lieberman | Lyle Blake | Keith Josephson | Evan Anderson | Matt Kailey

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A portion of book sales profits from this book are donated to TransMentors International.


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